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Whether you’re starting from an initial idea or have been running a business for many years, CXDojo has the experience to help you solve challenges across various verticals.  

Our specialists work dedicatedly with you to increase brand awareness, reduce costs, increase user engagement, and improve product performance. Find out how in our case studies below.

Lifestyle apps gradually become a necessity in our routine. They help us to maintain work-life balance, prioritize daily tasks so that we don’t miss anything, and manage our lives better. At CXDojo we help our clients build user-friendly apps capable of quickly processing large amounts of data. From managing finance to maintaining productivity, we develop lifestyle apps and websites that cover the demands of your end-users.


If you’re looking for a reliable technology partner to develop and grow your social media project, CXDojo will help you in all manner to build a social networking app based on the bespoke needs of your business. Whether its social media commercial project or online service with social features, our team can create social web apps for all your needs.  Apart from developing social media solutions for your business, we also embed analytics features into your product to be able to track user engagement.

Patients are demanding more convenient access to their medical data. With online healthcare platforms, they can access their health records, communicate with clinicians, and make appointments. We help healthcare product companies, medical startups, SMBs, clinics, and hospitals build custom, HIPAA-compliant medical software as well as optimize the processes and digitize the paperwork so that they can focus on what really matters. 




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