We define and implement

the architecture and technology

stack that best fits your business

CXDojo will guide you through the entire product development cycle, from strategy to implementation, testing, and further iterations. Here’s how we do it.


Software Architecture

Software architecture is the basis of any digital product. It defines its quality and longevity. The architecture is determined way before the coding begins, and it directly affects the user experience as well as the system’s functionality, performance, and security.

What is a digital strategy?

At CXDojo, we pay special attention to the software architecture, as it assures agility during development and adaptability to future changes.

First of all, we analyze your project’s technical and business requirements. Whether your product is at the idea stage or needs some refinements, we’ll conduct an architecture audit to detect any risks — both current and potential — and then define the most suitable architecture and technology stack.

Often, developers stick to what they know best. At CXDojo, we’re not tied to specific programming languages. When choosing the language for a project, we focus on the customer’s existing technology stack.

We also have a superpower — a pool of developers with different backgrounds who are always up on the latest technology trends. This allows us to quickly assemble the right team for any project. We ensure that our solutions are cost-effective yet high-quality and customized to your product. 

Our expertise

  • Cloud solutions
  • High-load systems
  • Microservices
  • Monolithic architecture
  • Mobile-first architecture
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Software Development

CXDojo dedicated development teams build custom web and mobile solutions that generate continuous value for businesses and users. We’re result-oriented; we’ll get your digital product to market fast so you can test it on real users.


We can start our cooperation with one developer and then build a team according to your business needs. We have specialists with all the roles needed to launch your product: frontend and backend development, product design, UX design, quality assurance, business analysis, and more. When we say we provide dedicated teams, we’re not exaggerating. Throughout our partnership, our team will live and breathe your product.


What matters most to our clients is time to market. And we know the dynamics of developing a new product. Our established algorithm helps us save time on developing basic things that we include in the initial cost of the product: account login, authentication, and data synchronization.


Our focus is getting your product to market fast and with minimum costs and risks. That’s why we adhere to agile principles when building digital products. We use the agile Scrum framework, which allows us to plan work in 2- to 3-week sprints. After each sprint, you receive a ready-to-use part of the product.


We treat quality seriously and stick to the highest standards of quality assurance practices: unit testing, code reviews, manual and automated testing, continuous integration, and more. We put great emphasis on testing each product with real users and improving it iteratively.

The customer is always our focus. The customer experience is at the heart of everything we analyze, discuss, and build. CX is not only in the name of our company — it defines our unique approach to product design and development. We call it CX-aware solutions development.

Software architecture and development

CX-aware solutions development takes into account all interactions that a user has with a brand. To guarantee a positive customer experience, we build products that are easy to understand and engage with.


We start working with users at the first stages of product creation. We always take into account their feedback and apply CX metrics to get a product that requires minimum adjustments and offers the maximum convenience and usability.

What to expect?


We start each product development process with a series of workshops, during which our team dives into the product vision, gets to know the client’s business, focuses on product goals, problems, and the target audience, and agrees on the product development strategy. We apply whatever techniques are most suitable for your project.


Everything described above based on several years of experience. We understand what works and how to effectively develop digital products. Quality and dedication define our approach to everyday work and to our development teams, which are based on trust between teammates and long-term relationships.


We divide our work into short sprints with a number of tickets. Each ticket represents something that brings value to your business and contains a checklist. We bill our clients for the actual work done — not for the amount of time spent on development.

Increase app engagement

Increase app engagement

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grow app user base

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Conduct an effective survey

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