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most popular image July 8th, 2021 / 3 min PDP #13: Designer VS Client: How To Understand Each Other? Don't know how to make the communication process between product designers and clients smooth? Listen to our episode. listen
most popular image June 14th, 2021 / 3 min PDP #12: The Story of PayFac-as-a-Service In this episode our guest Caleb shares how he created PayFac-as-a-Service, assembled a team of developers, and more. listen
most popular image May 19th, 2021 / 2 min PDP #11: Credit Unions in the Digital Age We talked about how to help credit unions compete in the digital age, enhance their creativity, and much more! listen
most popular image April 29th, 2021 / 3 min PDP #10: How to Find a Balance Between Vision And Data When You Start a Product During our discussion, we cover product vision and data, a balance between them, how to educate people to use your app & more. listen
most popular image March 11th, 2021 / 2 min PDP #9: How to Lead a Startup During a Pandemic? Our new guest Joshua tells about how to lead a startup during a pandemic, how to be a better leader, and much more. listen
most popular image March 4th, 2021 / 2 min PDP #8: Remote Product Management If you want to learn about product management in a post-pandemic world, what is Zoom fatigue, and more – this pod is for you! listen
most popular image February 25th, 2021 / 3 min PDP #7: Why Do You Need a CTO? Our new chat with Peter about his work, what does it mean to be a CTO, why is the role important, and what does the job look like? listen
most popular image February 18th, 2021 / 2 min PDP#6: Fails and Wins of Launching Products What to do if your startup failed? What is RegTech? Our guest Mary answers these and many other questions. listen
most popular image February 11th, 2021 / 5 min PDP #5: Shape Up Method Learn how to work in a team with no product managers and start applying Shape Up in your company. listen
most popular image February 5th, 2021 / 2 min PDP #4: From Idea to MVP In this episode, we discussed how to go from the idea to MVP development, get the first investment, and more. listen
most popular image January 29th, 2021 / 1 min PDP#3: B2B and B2C Product Management In this conversation, we talked about B2B and B2C products management – challenges, differences, similarities, and etc. listen
most popular image December 22nd, 2020 / 3 min PDP #2: Building empathy with users We talked about: how Toby's team prepared to launch a web app, why customer feedback is so important, and more. listen
most popular image December 15th, 2020 / 1 min PDP# 1: Launching an internal product Our first episode of the podcast is about the specifics of internal product launch and business process automation challenges. listen
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