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PDP# 1: Launching an internal product

For our first episode of the podcast for product managers, the Product Drama Podcast (PDP), we invited Harshil Paliwal to talk about the specifics of internal product launch and business process automation challenges.

Here’s what we covered:

  • how to help employees see the benefit of work automation?
  • how should workplace culture adapt to automation and transformation?
  • how to find the right DevOps tools for your team?
  • what is the importance of detailed project requirements?
  • how to motivate employees to adopt new technology?
  • what are the challenges in launching an internal product?
  • how to train the team on Git?

… and more.

Harshil also shared her valuable lessons learned as a product manager:

When it comes to motivating people to start adapting new processes in the workplace, show, don’t tell. Once you show how easy those tools can be, the team will willingly start using them.
As a product manager, explore and research as much as you can. The requirements have to be crystal clear. Requirements engineering is not boring; it can be fun. Even if you planned everything carefully, something could go wrong. And it’s okay.

Click on the video below.


The stuff we mentioned on the show


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