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Why bother with custom logo design when there are lots of logo templates out there? — Because you don’t want to become yet another coffee shop down the street that is no different from the competition. You want to become the very coffee shop that grabs the attention of passers-by so they can’t resist entering to order a cup of coffee.

The logo is the face of your brand. It must be memorable and recognizable to separate you from a slew of similar businesses. And we can design or redesign it for you — for free!

We’ve long been thinking about the appropriate way of showing appreciation to our followers. And since we advocate for adding value to everything we do, the choice was obvious. As a digital design and development company, we’d love to help you create a logo concept that communicates your brand’s essence and invites potential customers to learn more about your product. Even if you already have a logo, we can help you reconsider its concept and offer a refreshed design.

What you need to do

There are only 2 steps you need to take to be eligible for this promotional campaign, where you’ll have a chance to win a free logo concept from our design team.


Share the promo post on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and follow CXDojo on each of them.


Fill out a form so we can create a logo concept that perfectly matches your business.


Ready to start? 




*Note that a logo concept is a mockup that you can further improve upon as you see fit. It reflects a conceptual idea and stylistic direction for the logo. It is NOT a ready logo. In other words, it serves as a foundation for your design team to refer to.

**Note that the promo offer is valid for 10 days only! We’ll stop accepting your applications on July 1, 2022. We’ll then choose 1 winner using a random name generator and attach a screencast video to the promo post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. We will also contact the winner directly to discuss further cooperation.


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